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Clean your cashmere properly… lucky for me i don’t own any :)


contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning cashmere can actually be bad for the life of your sweater. the toxic chemicals used in dry cleaning can break down the fibers, and deodorant may cause discoloration. turns out, you should really be hand washing cashmere (it’ll be much softer too), so we…

This is pretty scary but interesting.  Do you still think Uber is worth 10 billion?


CGP Grey: Humans need not apply

Great video essay about automation and the pro/cons of robotic labor.  Highly recommended viewing.

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Spray Cake… say what?! Yes, check it out.  May need to try it out.. fast and quick! Would you try it out?

Whoa… this is crazy… watching these little robots move.  It seems like a movie or something.  Robots will take over someday =O

Very detail video on how to take care of your leather shoe.  It is like a chef with their knifes… the maintenance is so important. 

This is pretty awesome! I am excited for Football Season!! 

well play Mr Gates…way to one up! 

Want to find out if Google has been tracking where you have been?  Read this.. and see where you have been.  Assuming you have allowed Google to track your geo location

Nomiku part deux… wifi?? oh dang!

The OM/ONE is the world’s first levitating bluetooth speaker…

This is mind blowing idea!  Makes an ordinary Banana … extraordinary!